Fees & Location

Your pain is unique, you are unique, so your craniosacral therapy treatments are uniquely tailored to you.

The number of treatments you need depends on the severity of your pain and how long you’ve experienced it.

As a guide, acute conditions may only need one or two sessions, while longstanding conditions may need longer transformations. From your first session or VIP Package, I give you an indication of the number and frequency of treatments that would help you.

That being said here are the services and associated fees:

Craniosacral Therapy Vitality+ Package: (VIP)

During a 95-minute session together:

  • I complete an assessment of your posture and movement
  • We discuss how the condition is impacting your life in depth
  • You receive fifty minutes of craniosacral therapy in a relaxed, nurturing environment
  • I advise you on what exercises will increase muscle strength, align posture, and encourage faster healing

I send a follow-up email within two business days


Ongoing Craniosacral Boosting Sessions:

As either 45-minute or 60-minute treatments.

45-minutes  –  75
60-minutes  –  90€


Bundles of 5 or 10 sessions:

5 x 45 minutes for 350€ (save 25€)

10 x 45 minutes for 650€ (save 100€)

10 x 60 minutes for €750* (save 150€)

*ideal for longer term issues – including residual trauma – which allows for feedback and discussion along the way.


Family packages:

I treat many babies where the mother and even the father can benefit from treatment themselves. This allows for treatments of the baby and one or both parents (at the same appointment time or as logistics allow).

These packages include an assessment of birth history dynamics.

Option 1: Baby & Mum

3 x 45-minute sessions for baby plus 2 x 60-minute sessions for mum = 5 treatments.



Option 2: Baby & Parents

5 x 45-minute sessions for baby and 3 x 60-minute sessions for parent/s = 8 treatments.




Remember to ask for**loyalty cards and/or **gift vouchers for people you love.

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Available Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (some Saturdays or Sundays).  After-office hours and home visits by arrangement

Cash or cheques and paypal are accepted as payment.

Cancellation: ALL appointments require 48 hours cancellation notice and a small fee is charged

TVA non applicable


Where to come:

Quintessences Wellbeing Centre (website in French)

4 bis rue Thibaud, 75014 Paris

Metro Alesia, M4 buses 38, 68, 28