Craniosacral Therapyspine biodynamic movement

Powerful and gentle, craniosacral therapy is an effective and multifaceted form of bodywork.

Usually experienced as a relaxing, energizing hands-on treatment, craniosacral therapy respects and gives space to the internal workings of the body.  Health issues that have proven  resistant to other approaches respond to the treatment, as it aids the body to regain balance.

More than the sum of its parts …
As its name suggests craniosacral therapy places emphasis on the head (cranium) and ‘tail’ (sacrum), and all the parts in between, including the bones of the cranium and spine, their connective tissues, and the cerebrospinal fluid that flows around the central nervous system. This is known as the craniosacral system.

    • The membrane called the dura mater surrounds the spinal cord.
    • The cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) flows within this membranous sac.
    • This fluid is produced in the brain in order to nourish and support the central nervous system.

CST practitioners believe an inner spark or energy drives the cerebrospinal fluid around the nervous system. Maintaining this flow ensures optimal health. We do not “do” the healing, your body does. The dynamic of the craniosacral system is always working to establish a state of equilibrium, and the therapeutic relationship creates a space for this to occur.


Image credit: ‘The reciprocal tension membrane (RTM) and core link during craniosacral flexion’ © Nielsen/Garbett 1995