When physiotherapy, anti-inflammatories and painkillers simply won’t work, what’s the solution to ease long-term pain?

You know what it’s like …

Exhaustion from not sleeping. Shooting pains down your leg when you move. Difficulty turning over in bed and discomfort in your neck or back.

Add to that, days that are dictated by how bad the pain is, anti-inflammatories and treatments that only work short term … I can see why the frustration of pain management brought you here.

Or maybe it’s that your life has changed: a new baby, stress, or sneak-attack migraines, insomnia, even teeth-grinding. Stress of any kind can lead to long-standing health problems. We face constant demands on our energy and bodies.

Pain isn’t something to be managed – it must be eliminated

… enter: craniosacral therapy.

This treatment method combines a light touch with a deep understanding of how the mind and body are connected to ease the pain caused by accidents or long term wear and tear.

I’m Jacqui Harwood, qualified craniosacral therapist with over two decades of experience successfully treating people of all ages.

Following a run-in with a fast moving car as a pedestrian in 1993, I discovered that while surgeons can work miracles to knit bones together and patch up haemorrhaging organs, true recovery is another story.

My practice is safe and medically based, backed up with a wealth of experience and UK qualifications. It’s holistic, beyond the restrictions of our modern medical system.

The touch of a craniosacral therapist is light.

This non-demanding therapy facilitates the body’s inner intelligence to do the work it is designed to do.

Your healing begins now…

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